3 Productive Ways to Procrastinate that Will Make You a Better Leader

Yeah, you heard me – I said productive ways to procrastinate. I just gave you your new favorite oxymoron. Ya welcome.

Look at pictures of baby animals

Stop what you’re doing. Google search “baby turtles.” Then go be more productive.

The science:

Apparently, looking at baby animals improves your work performance. This seems to be because browsing pictures of puppies and kitties, and the like, makes you more careful and deliberate in your tasks.

Why? There are a few theories. One theory says that since we tend to talk more slowly to babies, that same carefulness carries over to your work, which is triggered by seeing pictures of little ones. Another theory says that seeing baby animals triggers your need to be more careful when handling them. Once again, this carries over into your work.

Why it makes you a better leader:

Being deliberate and careful could mean the difference between a botched job and a great one. Leaders are in positions of authority because they are trusted to do things right. So when you feel you need a mental break on a high-risk task, break out the piglet pictures!

Do something creative

Put down the remote with a button just for Netflix. Shake fist and say “Darn you, technology!” Then grab your coloring book or guitar. Feel awesome and more creative.

The science:

By doing just one creative thing a day, you will feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and excited, according to Curiosity. Even more awesome – that feeling of overall happiness continues into the next day. A creative activity can be anything from writing, coloring, cooking, or playing music. This one creative activity leads to more creativity in your habits. Talk about positive growth!

Why it makes you a better leader:

Happy people make other people happier. Creative people inspire others. Nobody wants to be led by someone who is feeling hopeless. Creative pursuits make you feel good about your own skill set, and that feeling can be contagious. Great leaders are imaginative and think outside of the box.

Clean your room

I saved this for last because now you probably hate me. Remember when I told you to look at baby animals? Good times… Anyway, grab that label maker your aunt gave you for Christmas and get to organizing. Feel healthier, happier, and more generous.

The science:

A tidy room makes you feel happier and less stressed. It also inspires you to make healthier life choices, according to one study that found that people in a tidy room tend to choose healthier snacks. Even more surprisingly, the same study found that those in the neater room were more likely to donate more money to a charity. Get started by vacuuming the floor. See quality vacuum cleaners right here.

Why it makes you a better leader:

It’s so easy to become stressed and overwhelmed when you’re in a leadership position. When things feel out of control, take the time to tidy up. It will make you feel better to be in a clean environment. It will also start you on the path of making healthier choices, which will give you more energy, which will make any stress seem much less stressful. Further, leaders must be generous – generous with their time, expertise, and resources. So tidy up!

Ta-da! Next time your boss asks why you’re staring at baby otters or re-organizing your desk instead of filling out that report, you hand them this article. (Or don’t, that might be a little sassy.) Procrastination doesn’t have to be bad if your brain is screaming for a break. Just make the right choices when it comes to what to do while you procrastinate.

Shout out to the Curiosity app for all the great info in today’s post.

Now excuse me, don’t tell Tom, but I am going to go color.

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