A Look at This Year’s Random Acts of Kindness Day #RAK15

Thank you all so much for your incredible contributions to Random Acts of Kindness Day 2015. We loved seeing everyone from students to professionals get in the spirit of giving and sharing. Your random acts left us all inspired to continue spreading the love and living for and with others, and that’s what RAK Day is all about. Take a peek at our #RAK15 video to see how people got involved!

The care and dedication we saw in this year’s participants was overwhelming! We loved having so many RAKs pledged and watching people share kindness with others. Whether through sharing a treat or becoming a bone marrow donor, there’s always room for more kindness and love. Even small acts can have a huge impact and can help build a more welcoming community. Want more details about the day? Check out this awesome infographic:


We hope you all enjoyed RAK Day 2015! Thank you again for contributing so well to your communities. Let us know about your #RAK15 experience in the comments.

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