Tips for Time Management in Your Busy Season

Here at Swift Kick, August is our busy season. It is such a crazy time that even the word “August” brings chills up our spines and butterflies in our stomachs. Tom and Melissa are out speaking while Sabina, Jay and I are running the show behind the scenes. Think Wizard of Oz…but with less flying […]

What is All this Work For? Finding Meaning at Work

Recently, I presented at a conference, discussing burnout with professionals. Several people in the room were very close to quitting their jobs for various reasons, i.e., being charged to do more with less, constantly shifting workplace environment, a major change in responsibility. For some, those may be welcome challenges. For others, they were just one […]

Retreat Planning: Tropical Ocean Getaway

With summer finally here, the Swift Kick team’s retreat was aptly themed “Tropical Ocean Getaway.” With a theme like that our key goals were to give everyone that island relaxed and tropical vibe all day and keep stress and tension down.   “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net with […]

Giving Feedback That Works

My supervisor and I were walking across campus after a meeting discussing an issue I was managing in the office.  He didn’t agree with the manner in which I was handling the situation.  He stopped walking and turned to me right in the middle of the campus quad. In a loud voice, he began to […]

The Importance of Creating Your Secondary Family

When I was 11, Mom got the call that Gram was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In that moment, Mom promised that she would never put Gram in a nursing home. Two weeks later, Gram moved in. For the next seven years until she died, we spent our days dressing her, feeding her and chasing after her […]

Building Trust at an Event

This May, Swift Kick decided to do our first speaker training bootcamp which we titled “Speak Easy.” In a jam-packed day from 8:30am-6pm speakers, executives and anyone interested in learning came to LMHQ to learn how to be a better speaker. There were many components to making the day successful. One of the most important […]

Your ABC(D) Guide To Being An Agent Of Change

Change is an interesting word. Depending on who you ask in your industry of choice, change can either be welcomed with open arms or send people fleeing. In a dramatically entitled Forbes article from 2017, writer Sam Page leads off with “Adapt Or Die”. While incredibly blunt, those words ring incredibly true. In the higher […]

Weak Ties Get You the Job

In 1973, Mark Granovetter, a sociological researcher made a simple claim, that  “….when it comes to finding out about new jobs – or, for that matter, new information, or new ideas – “weak ties” are always more important than strong ties.” When using the phrase “social network” now, we tend to think about the folks […]