Black History Month Heroes You Might Not Know About

Black History Month is over half way done, and there is so much learn about the influential people that changed the landscape of our country. At Swift Kick, we pride ourselves on bringing people together. We celebrate human kindness and teamwork, but we also know that there are people in the background who do not get recognized as others do. As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, here are some admirable people you might not know about:

Shirley Chrisholm

Not only was Shirley Chrisholm pivotal in the fight for African-American women to have roles in government, she was the first African-American woman to run for the Democratic party nomination in 1972.

Thurgood Marshall

His work as a civil rights lawyer helped create the America we know today. He is best known as being the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, serving for 24 years.

Matt Baker

Love comic books? Matt Baker penciled one of, if not the first, of what is now considered to be the graphic novel. He is best known for his character, Phantom Lady.

Bessie Coleman

Earning a pilot’s license before Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman was also the first Black American to earn an international aviation license. Other black pilots wouldn’t even train her, so she had to travel to Europe to learn.

While their stories are inspiring, we still have a lot of work to do. Have you taken time this month to honor those that have thrived despite tremendous struggle? We know that #HumansNeedHumans, so how do you bring it to life?  Maybe take this opportunity now to reflect on and celebrate the unsung heroes, past and present.

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