Blender Events


What is a “blender event”? 

Blender Events (B.Es.) are simple, low cost activities that create pattern interrupts and/or build relationships to increase a sense of community within a culture.

Are there rules?

There are four basic rules that guide all Blender Events:

  1. Bring It To Them – B.Es. work best when they are done in busy areas on campus
  2. Positive Reaction – Use B.Es. that foster positive emotions (make them smile).
  3. Connect The Dots – B.Es. should be used in between your bigger events.
  4. It’s Cheap – B.Es. should never cost a lot of money.



>>> Chalk Maze

  • Much like the hopscotch, draw lines all over a sidewalk in a maze formation.
  • Have students attempt at getting through your giant maze

>>> Encouraging note balloons

  • Have students write encouraging notes
  • Put them inside of balloons and blow them up
  • Have student choose a balloon later on in the day
  • Let them pop them to get their note

>>> First day of school: red carpet and photographer

>>> Game Zone

  • Set up games in a lounge or open area
  • Games can include things like Rock, Paper, Scissors, board games, twister etc

>>> Giant hopscotch

  • Draw squares all along a known sidewalk on campus, just like hopscotch
  • Have students jump through the hopscotch on their way to class
  • Set up a table at the end with treats for completing it

>>> Hand out popsicles for finals week

>>> Hand Print Wall

  • Set up a large piece of paper and paper plates with paint
  • Have people dip their hands in the paint, leave a print and sign their name
  • Hang up the paper when dry in a popular place on campus

>>> Inspirational quotes in library books

  • Write a bunch of quotes down and hide them in different books in the library

>>> Lava Ground

  • Set up furniture and encourage people to try not touching the floor

>>> A Love Letter to the World

  • Start with a few pieces of paper, and write the instructions on top in colorful markers
  • Write what was positive about your day below
  • Fold the paper and put it in an envelope
  • Choose a person to pass it on to and let the world see all the positive things!

>>> Music in the elevators

  • Bring a small stereo and a bowl of treats and stand in the elevator
  • Ride the elevator with the students and offer treats and good music
  • (Check with the school’s handbook for rules and guidelines)

>>> Note Balloons

  • Buy a bunch of balloons
  • Tell students to write their biggest worry or goal for college and fold it up
  • Have them put the note in the balloons and blow them up
  • Release out in an open space

>>> Picture Wall

  • Buy a disposable camera
  • Allow students to take the camera, take photos and pass it around school, but keep a place for it to be returned every night
  • When the camera is full, develop the photos and add them to a photo wall

>>> Reverse trick or treat

  • This will work best in a dorm. Buy some candy.
  • Have a student knock on doors and hand out candy

>>> Rules to Walk the Hall

  • You must run/jump/skip/dance the hallway (you can set up a sign in the middle of the hall to explain the rules)

>>> Secret Handshake

  • Find a stranger (or set up pairs during an event).
  • Have them create a secret handshake.
  • Challenge them to use the secret handshake anytime they see each other on campus.

>>> Simon Says

  • Get a speaker and a microphone
  • Have students gather around the person on the mic
  • Play Simon Says and have people be accountable for the people around them
  • Let students come up and play Simon themselves

>>> “Sit with us” signs for cafeteria

>>> Surprise clapping when people walk by

>>> Teacher vs student activities

  • This could be anything: Dodgeball, capture the flag, minute to win it games etc

>>> Ticket lunch

  • Buy colored tickets
  • Have someone stand in the doorway of the cafeteria
  • Hand students the ticket and ask them to buy their food and sit with those that have the same color

>>> Timeline wall

  • Create a wall space where people can use tape or push pins (be careful about putting holes in walls)
  • Tell people to put positive things on the wall- good grades, photos of them with friends, memorabilia of sport events they went to or anything like that

>>> Water Balloon fight on campus

>>> “What’s one thing you’d change about the world?”

  • Put a large piece of paper up and write the question on the top in big letters
  • Hand out markers and pens so everyone can write their answer
  • Hang the paper in a popular place on campus

>>> Where’s Waldo/Selfie with Waldo

  • Have someone dress up as Waldo and roam around campus taking photos with people who find the person
  • Have them go to popular places and try and blend in as much as possible to make it a little harder

>>> White t-shirt graffiti night

  • Everyone wears white t-shirts
  • Have options for coloring the shirt (markers, spray paint etc)

>>> iSpy

  • Find something small, like a stuffed animal mascot for your school, or something similar
  • Hide it in a weird place (in a cabinet, next to the printer etc)
  • Tell students to find it, take a photo and post it on social media
  • The student should then hide the object again


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