Why ‘Disney’s Lion King’ Perfectly Explains Life

Outside of the brilliant animation work and the lovable characters, The Lion King (the first one primarily), highlights valuable lessons people, particularly leaders, should always work to remember. Yes, it might be a Disney movie but these African animals represent so much more. WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD.  The Future Simba, the future king of Pride Rock, has […]

Sugar, Butter, Flour: Life Lessons from Waitress

“Sugar, butter, flour” were the first words sung on a dark stage with a spotlight on Jenna, a waitress at a pie shop, who is unhappily married, pregnant and has an affair with her doctor.  A few weeks ago, I saw Waitress with the APCA Leadership on Broadway Conference. The talent on the stage blew me away, […]

5 Quotes on the Importance of Community From Folks of All Kinds

Everything we do at Swift Kick is to create communities where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged. We believe that nobody can reach their highest potential alone. We put together some lovely quotes worthy of a spot on your Pinterest board or in your work-space.        

10 Inspiring Leadership Quotes from Winning Super Bowl Coaches

Even if you don’t care about throwin’ the old pig skin around, a coach is always a great example of leadership. I gathered some great quotes from NFL coaches who have one the Super Bowl so that you can give your week a kick start!                     […]

A Lesson in Empathetic Leadership from “To Kill A Mockingbird”

“First of all,” he said, “if you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”. This is a famous […]

From the Mouths of Huggers! International Free Hugs Day Update

Well this is exciting! We have already gotten 1,298 pledged hugs for November 7th! We ask everyone who signs up to tell us why they are excited to participate and we got some lovely responses: “We’re participating in Free Hugs Day because it’s a great way to express our care for each other, and improve […]

Top 15 Steve Jobs Quotes on Education

“I know from my own education that if I hadn’t encountered two or three individuals that spent extra time with me, I’m sure I would have been in jail.” – Steve Jobs “I’m a very big believer in equal opportunity as opposed to equal outcome. Equal opportunity to me, more than anything, means a great […]

The Historical Roots (& Future Role) of Informal Learning In Education [Quote]

"Despite appearances, the humble pizza-and-study group isn't some minor activity, it's the kernel of the university. When knowledge was scarce, universities grew as communities of scholars clustered around the latest information technology: rare, expensive, handwritten books. The first Western university, the University of Bologna, was found in 1099 by people who wanted to study Byzantine-era […]

If Teachers Talked Six Minutes Less Per Lesson…

Ruhl, K. L., Hughes, C. A., & Schloss, P. J. (1987, Winter). Using the pause procedure to enhance lecture recall. Teacher Education and Special Education, 14-18. In this study an instructor paused for two minutes on three occasions during each of five lectures: the intervals ranged from 12 to 18 minutes. During the pauses, while […]