Chicago Sun-Times Article on Red Rover and Swift Kick

Chicago Sun-Times Article on Red Rover and Swift Kick

Sandra Guy from the Chicago Sun-Times wrote about Red Rover and Swift Kick from an entrepreneurial  startup standpoint. She does a great job of capturing Red Rover’s role in new student orientation:

“Red Rover does for education what eHarmony does for dating,” Krieglstein said. “We connect students via online networks to other students, groups and classes based on their interests before the students arrive for orientation.” 

Red Rover takes it another step by acting like

“We say, ‘because you like soccer, here are other groups on campus you might be interested in,'” Krieglstein said.

It’s fun for us to see more and more articles released about Red Rover. We talked about the viral aspect of Red Rover for schools, and the same is true with our current marketing plan. Work from the ground up with bloggers, students, staff, and reporters. At times it feels like more work than just emailing a press release, but at the same time it feels more solid and longer lasting. It all comes back to relationships.


Tom Krieglstein

I train leaders & give Free Hugs. Founder of Swift Kick. Member of EO, TechStars, and YEC.

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