If College Involvement Looked Like Planets

If College Involvement Looked Like Planets

Our Universe

Check out the graphic and use your telescope to figure out where you fall on our planetary track of college involvement. The more involved you become the closer to the center of your campus you are. Similarly to the sun, we’re afraid of getting too close sometimes. Check out some of our other blogs on how to get more involved and how little it takes to take a step outside of your comfort zone.

High School


Acceptance Letter

Congrats! You have an important decision on your hands. Go with your gut. Which tour guides made you laugh? How many happy students did you see walking around campus? (Don’t worry, transferring is always an option if you don’t like the dining hall food).


Nervous about your Orientation? I was too. Trust in your Orientation Leader to help you navigate your first overnight experience on campus, they are pretty cool people.

First Day Of School

I ALREADY FORGOT MY HOMEWORK. Seriously, whatever seat you pick, please try and keep it. It’s very important that you do your best to keep the balance of the universe in the seating arrangement of the first day of school.

Making Friends

You bond with the other people who were forced to sit in the front of the class because of the silly rule everyone must follow on the first day of school. You talk to other people who live on your floor. Whatever it is, you’re meeting people who have some of the same interests as you!

Learn New Things

You may have walked by an info table or you saw a pretty cool flyer in your residence hall. Whatever it is, you want to check it out for some reason and they are offering free pizza so why not?

Making The Time

Jeez, there are a lot of people in this room….it feels like everyone knows each other already…..this is overwhelming. Don’t worry, you’re doing great. Just be yourself and sit there quietly until you’re ready to participate, no one is rushing you.

Free Food

That wasn’t so bad – you actually had fun!!! You decided you’re going to come back and you’re going to bring some other people with you next time. You see yourself making real friendships with these people and they go out to get tacos every Tuesday. HOW GREAT IS THAT!?

General Member

Congratulations. You regularly attend the meetings of your newfound club. You’ll go even if they aren’t getting free pizza for the meeting. You’re interested in taking on a committee or maybe even a chair position. You have successfully found the sun of student involvement. It’s hot! See how you can help others do the same. How can your journey be similar to theirs? Thank you for contributing to a positive campus culture, it makes a difference.

Want more tips on going from First Year Student to First Year Success? Check out our book! It’s got activities, tips, quotes, and a whole lot of college life lessons.


Jake Ames

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