It’s the Final Exit! – Healthy Skepticism

It’s the Final Exit! – Healthy Skepticism

As we were climbing the stairs to leave the gym, I saw a sign near the floor pointing to the door that said, “Final Exit.” I thought to myself, “Well, that’s a bit dramatic. This is clearly not the last time I will exit this building, let alone anything ever. There’s still two more doors to get out of the building!”

Needless to say, I overthink things. It clearly means it is the final exit for that particular stairwell to the outside. But there are still some interesting questions to be pulled out of my over-analysis. Do you just accept things people tell you? Or, do you analyze them with some skepticism? Do you do your own research to develop your own opinion and/or understanding? Deep thinking, I know.

Do you question things people tell you? Or, analyze them with some skepticism?

Lately, I have noticed my thoughts going immediately to doubt. When I think about why, it has come down to wanting to know the truth. In other words, I have an undying curiosity to be accurately informed. Is that the nice way to say I want to be a know-it-all?! Having a healthy amount of skepticism is a good thing! And it makes you smarter.

Do you do your own research to develop your own opinion and/or understanding?

Taking in information (nowadays) is like the age-old mom quote, “Because I Said So.” I have trained myself to do my own research and find the truth, to see what arguments there are to both sides of the truth and then I am able to form my own opinion. In your personal, professional, private and public lives, I challenge you to read books articles, definitions, before regurgitating “this thing you saw on Facebook.”

Think about your team for a moment. Before you blindly delegate or accept a task, go into questioning mode to really understand what is being asked. Not only can it help clear up and miscommunication, but can reinforce your goals for your team.

 A healthy dose of skepticism brings higher truth to your community.

Therefore, you can avoid ‘groupthink.’ This makes your team more positively productive. As a leader, your number one job is to lead your community to better places, is it not?

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