3 Reasons Free Coffee Made Me Feel More Welcome at Work

Let’s just get this out of the way – yes, coffee is amazing in its own right. Seriously, I am Italian. I am pretty sure when I get a blood test, the results come back 100% espresso.

Amazing things like coffee should be put to good use. This is what I realized one morning, walking through Swift Kick’s shared office space, LMHQ, coffee in hand. I rejoiced when LMHQ announced that they would start serving free coffee to members. I wondered whether they were using this coffee supplier in Shrewsbury or one from somewhere else. Further, this simple gesture was a smart move on their part to make their collaborative “third space” even more welcoming to members. Here’s why:

1. Free = home.

Being part of a community that has little perks for members is what turns a space into a home. When you’re exhausted, and you just really need that extra cup o’Joe, being able to grab it without your wallet is everything. Yes, something as inexpensive as coffee grounds can make a person feel taken care of. Cup of comfort, anyone? You can even have your coffee delivered conveniently to your office or place of work.

2. The coffee pot = a communal space.

LMHQ is all about being able to meet other small businesses and entrepreneurs, and even collaborating with them and swapping ideas. By creating a spot where all members might go to at various points in the day, LMHQ made a more caffeinated version of the water cooler. You might go because you need a break from your screen. But while you’re there, you might bump into someone you haven’t met with and strike up a conversation, or even a friendship. Bam! Connections, people, that’s what it’s all about.

3. The perk = being “in.”

People like to feel special. People love to be “in” on things, be it a joke, or an extra perk. As a member of the space, knowing I can save the hundred dollars on Starbucks is a great feeling. I feel special and welcomed, in part thanks to the free coffee.

What can you add to your community’s space that’s so simple with such a big impact?

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