Free Intelligent Conversation – Another Genius Blender Event Idea

free intelligent conversation

A friend of ours sent us a link to this Kickstarter campaign to help 13 college students tour the Northeast US with “Free Intelligent Conversation” signs, much like the Free Hugs day. They feel that everyone is intelligent in their own way based on their experiences, and everyone deserves to share this intelligence. They look to start these conversations with all types of people that they meet.   Like their idea? Why not back them on it and help them raise the tide?

This campaign is super cool because while Free Hugs works under the assumption that we all need to feel loved, Free Intelligent Conversation works under the assumption that we all need to feel valued and listened to. Awesome! How much you want to bet some hugs happen after each awesome conversation?

What do you think of this blender event?

Looking for blender event ideas thought up by college students we met during our tours around the country? Go to our running idea list.

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