How Not To Promote Your Campus Event on Twitter [IMAGE]

I, along with 100s of other people, received a Tweet from the above Twitter account letting me know about an upcoming event happening at KSU. Here’s what’s wrong with it and why you shouldn’t do your marketing like this…

  1. Irrelevant – I don’t go to KSU. I’m nowhere near KSU. I don’t know anyone at KSU. You just used Social Media to Spam me. Next time you try and get my attention, I’m not going to listen, if I haven’t blocked you already.
  2. Impersonal – Even if I did go to KSU, if I see you sent the exact same message to everyone, no longer do I feel special about getting a message from you.
  3. Called Out – Social norms exist in Social Media, if you break them, you’ll get called out. I’m calling you out and now your “great” marketing idea just turned into a PR mess.

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