3 Types of Hugs for 3 Types of Moments


Every now and then I like to dwell think about my pageant days. Not because I am vain, but because if selected to represent New Jersey at Miss America, I think I would have done a darn good job. That moment would have changed my life forever. Who knows if I would even be writing these words if I was called as the winner and not first runner-up. No matter the moment, there are gestures in the form of hugging that send the message you need at the time. Here’s a few:

The Nervous/Supportive Hug

“I really want to win, but you’re cool too, and I would be happy if you won too!” There are different hugs that we all experience and some happen right before or after a moment that ends up defining you, at least for a little while. This was that moment for me:

Sorry, you can’t see my face. I was smiling.     Photo credit: Mia English

The Group Hug

This one sometimes sneaks up on you, can sound like trouble, but ends up being a ton of fun. There has been many a group hug break out, and all it takes is one person to yell out those two chaos-causing words.

Group hug at NACA South!

Free Hugs!

One day every year, you can hug as many people as you want (with permission) and get credit for it! This year, #freehugs16 is on 11/3. Have you pledged your hugs yet?

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#FreeHugs at SUNY Potsdam
#FreeHugs at SUNY Potsdam

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