What We Can Learn About Being a Great Community Member From Man’s Best Friend

Being a Great Community Member

Did you wonder why dogs have a shorter lifespan in comparison to humans?  Well, it’s because they understand important life concepts a lot sooner than most of the human population.  Our furry friends do not seem to care about the big things, but rather notice the little acts of kindness that make life worth living.  These adorable pups seem to love humans every day unconditionally and in spite of whatever life throws their way.

So what notes can humans take from dogs to make their life experiences ones that are more aimed to the greater good of the whole  community?

1) Do not sweat the events that appear to be big life events (at the moment).

Who cares if your significant other is late to a meal? At least they were able to eat with you that day.

Think about our furry friends, they’re always happy to see you no matter how late you are coming home from work.  Even if you are late to feed your loving pup his or her dinner, you will always find your pup waiting at the door to welcome you home.

2) Notice the small acts of kindness that others do for you.

  • A stranger that pays for your cab fee before you can pull out your money.
  • A person on the street that gives you a great smile instead of the typical scowl.

How does your pup react to belly rubs and smiles you give him or her?   I do not know about you, but my dog responds with tons of love and kisses.  These little actions are the best part of our furry friends days and do not go unnoticed.

3) Do not go through life looking for happiness, but rather make your own happiness.

If you are having a bad day, start to smile or do something you love for a few minutes.  You would be surprised how much better you start to feel.

Have you ever seen your dog in a bad mood? If so, it probably only happens for a second.  Have you ever noticed that dogs are always wagging their tails and able to find the person that needs cuddling just as much as they do? Dogs do both of these actions because they are incurable rays of happiness.

By simply utilizing these three simple ways of thinking, you too could raise the tide for the greater good of your surrounding community.  So, even though you cannot use wagging your tail, puppy-dog eyes, or licking your fellow community member’s face to make someone feel as good as our furry friends do, you too can help change someone’s outlook on their day by thinking like dogs do!

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