This Isn’t Just a Job: Leadership Beyond Move-In Weekend

Leadership Beyond Move-In Weekend

“This isn’t just a job. It’s a lifestyle. Not too long ago, you were applicants. Now, you are a staff. Soon, you’ll learn to work as a team. And one day, you will be a family.” 

This lesson was always incorporated into training sessions I led with student leaders I supervised. As I go to different schools, I find myself relaying the same message. No matter the position, people are watching…on campus and off, at the store, in the dining hall, while doing laundry and brushing your teeth. Your reach goes farther than you think and lasts longer than you know. Here are some things to keep in mind throughout your leadership journey:

Say yes!

Think like a professional, not a student. Say “yes” to opportunities to grow professionally with other student leaders. Attend conferences, participate in webinars, volunteer to be on a committee on campus. There are countless ways to develop your skills with other students and professionals.

Take breaks.

We all need to take time to get our energy back after long bouts of work. Take a trip home once a month (if you can) or go off-campus for a day or two to spend time with people (or alone) to help you re-focus.

Be smart on social media.

Make a separate social media page if you don’t want your residents/club members/mentees to see any your personal posts. This will allow you to separate your role from what you prefer to keep private.

Trust your team.

If/when you need to take a step away, you have others that can support you. Take advantage of that and make sure to be prepared to return the favor, too! #TeamHuman

Student leaders are a huge part of what makes each campus special. Happy opening, move-in and welcome week!

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