Leadership is Not Always About Being Followed

Leadership is Not Always About Being Followed

During a short car ride home from the gym with my father, he started to share about what he had been thinking about during his workout. He shared that through his life experiences, he has learned that leadership is not always about making sure others are following you, but more about being willing to go where others are not willing to go. Specifically, leadership to him is standing up for what you value as being right, even if you are standing up all by yourself.

This made us begin to think about leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and where would we be if he had not been willing to initially stand on his own for what he believed was right?

I was given an important reminder by my family member that the most needed forms of leadership are not always initially noticed or supported by tons of people.

How can you make sure you are a leader who is not only followed by others, but who also stands up for what you value as being right?

1. Do not focus on the past.

Be a leader by looking for the next moment where you could make an impact, rather than reliving things you wish you could change.

2. Stay positive.

Even when those around you cannot find the good in a situation, a leader will be able to find a positive when no one else can.

3. Look toward the future.

Do your current actions or daily routine have some sense of purpose for a long term goal of yours?  Plan ahead; every little action or routine can help a leader achieve success.

4. Have drive and determination for what you value and what you want.

What is pushing you to stand by what you value?  Have you experienced a situation where those values were put to the test?  Leaders often have reasoning that is driving certain values they support.

5. Be sure in what you believe.

Leaders almost always have their beliefs questioned by others, and in these moments it is important that they remember to be sure of their beliefs.

6. Be confident in yourself

Again, leaders are going to have their values and beliefs questioned by others at some point in their lives.  It is important that these leaders remember who they are, and why they have come to support what they value and believe. BE CONFIDENT!

Remember, leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. What kind of leader are you for your community?

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