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Our Vision

Our Purpose

For companies, Swift Kick works with company leaders and their teams whose success is limited by employee apathy. We help them create a vibrant company culture where every employee is motivated by their work, valued by their employers, and connected to each other.

For schools, Swift Kick works with passionate student affairs professionals and their students, who are discouraged by the lack of involvement on their campus. We facilitate the creation of a vibrant campus culture in which everyone feels welcome, connected and engaged.


Play To Win
Maximize resources to finish what you start and exceed expectations.


Raise The Tide
We’re in this together so contribute to the greater good of our whole community.


Open Doors, Open Hearts
Share your work and emotions and know that through openness comes trust, respect, and growth.


Feed Your Butterflies
Explore your un-comfort zone for growth and creativity.


See It Through Their Eyes
Through compassionately understanding someone else’s perspective comes clarity.