Personalizing The Institution From Within

A well known trend in higher ed is to move away from the “one-size-fits-all” education model to a model that treats each student as an individual learner. With Red Rover, we help institutions move towards this learner centered education vision by building out individual identity profiles and delivering relevant opportunities for connections, learning, and growth. But sometimes the solution needs to start with the little things.

Every Red Rover institution has a student ground team that helps us with the launch, student adoption, and ongoing engagement. Forrest Battle (yes that’s his real name) is our ground team member at College of Coastal Georgia. He and I chat via email on a regular basis, but unlike most schools who give you your name as your email, at CCGA, they assign you a number like My alma mater did the same thing and it felt shitty.

Every time I email Forrest, I’m reminded of what CCGA thinks of him, and all their students, as just another number in their database. I know many of our readers don’t have control over every institutional system, but take a moment to step back and see what internal systems you are using within your walled garden that either hurt or support the vision of individualized learning.

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