‘Perspectivizing’ Your Online Engagement Data

Your Online Engagement Data

Ok, I made that word up, but before our etymologist readers split for the hills, hear me out as to what it means.

We help run the social media accounts of a couple education related companies. Every month we run an analytics report to measure what’s working, what’s not working, and the overall growth of the accounts.

One particular client has over 20,000 “Likes” on Facebook. A poll or link generates a ton of responses on their Page. If I post that same link on another client’s Page that is 1/10th the size, the response rate is extremely low.

Without “perspectivizing” the data, the smaller client would and should feel unhappy about the online engagement we’re generating for them in comparison. But if we calculate the average level of online engagement per Fan (ALE), we find a different story.

Our 20k Fan client generates a .096 ALE whereas our 2k Fan client generates a .153 ALE.

Applying an ALE score helps both big and small players really see what’s going on with their accounts.

Here’s how to calculate the ALE of your account…

  1. Log into your Facebook Page Insights.
  2. Change the date to the date you want to calculate.
  3. On the “Overview” page scroll down to “Post Feedback” and record that number.
  4. Click on the “Users” page and scroll down to “New Likes.”
  5. Toggle “New Likes” to “Total” and hover over the end of the time period and record that number.
  6. Divide the “Post Feedback” number by the “Total New Likes” number to determine your Page’s ALE number.

Once you’ve calculated your ALE, please share it in the comments below.

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