TO BE A SWIFT KICK Professional Speaker/Facilitator!


1. You seriously love speaking and facilitation. You dream about training leaders on how to build a culture where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged.
2. A friend sent this link to you thinking ‘Swift Kick‘ was the title of a new Chuck Norris movie.

To be clear, if you nodded your head at #2, it’s better to turn back now. Sorry we’re just not that into you. We swear it’s not you, it’s us. Don’t worry you’ll find love… somewhere. If you found yourself drooling while reading #1, look below at our current opening and if it calls your name, let’s talk.

SWIFT KICK Professional Speaker/Facilitator

We’re seeking one non-zombie professional to join our team in NYC as a full-time speaker/facilitator. With over 750 different programs in 15 years and 7 national speaking awards, our trainings and keynotes provide leaders, and their teams, a new model for creating community, increasing engagement, and fostering a Culture of Connection™ within their teams and organizations. Paper pushers need not apply!

Your Mission (if you choose to accept it):

  • Smile and be awesome; in the face of chaos, you’ll remain cool as a cat
  • Travel 50-75 days per year to corporations, universities, and conferences
  • Deliver our keynotes and trainings to leaders and their teams
  • Deliver live webinars around our core topics
  • Create content (blog posts and ebooks/books) around our core content
  • Be a part of many ongoing and one-time projects with the team
  • Be in charge of specific weekly/monthly metrics of success
  • Participate in daily, weekly, and monthly planning meetings to keep the team on track and moving forward.
  1. A 1980’s rock band making a comeback career.
  2. YouTube clips of people kicking each other “swiftly.”
  3. And us! For the past 15 years, our actions have trained leaders at colleges and corporations to create a culture of engagement where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged. We are physically located in NYC in the heart of the Financial District.

What, you ask, would a Professional Speaker / Facilitator be doing?

This is a unique opportunity for an ambitious, multi-talented individual who wants to see their efforts impact results on a global scale. The ideal candidate loves presenting from the stage and connecting with countless new people while traveling. Speaking of traveling, this person should enjoy traveling as much as Sunday morning tea because they’ll be traveling a lot. Did someone say premium airline status?!

Oh, bonus points if the candidate has already experienced a Swift Kick training or keynote.

Additional helpful qualifications include…

  • You were an involved student leader and loved every moment of it in college
  • Your personality shines and people warm to you quickly
  • You have experience in the Panhellenic community
  • Your degree/experience is in Higher Ed or Student Affairs
  • Experience working with Google Drive, Excel, CapsuleCRM, Mailchimp, and Canva
  • Your three closest friends would describe you as consistent and reliable
  • You’re okay changing your own flat-tire because you’re self-driven, determined, and an independent thinker
  • You focus on the outcomes of a job versus just sitting at a desk watching the hours go by
  • You can think on your feet and find a new way home when flights get canceled
  • You’re excited about living and working in NYC despite it also being the home of Pizza Rat
  • Oh, and your Bog Snorkeling skills are through the roof
An Offer You Can’t Refuse:
  • Office space in a super cool NYC space in the Financial District
  • Full day adventurous quarterly strategy retreats around NYC like this one
  • Direct daily interaction with Swift Kick’s Founder and Lead Facilitator, Tom Krieglstein
  • World class speaking/facilitation training
  • A weekly professional development mentorship meeting to set and check on personal and professional goals
  • Joining a mission driven company changing lives
  • An opportunity to grow professionally with Swift Kick
  • Immediate ability for your work to directly impact Swift Kick’s growth and direction as well as the lives of 1000s of others
  • Competitive base salary (based on experience)
  • Full Health and Dental benefits

Double-Dog Dare You To Apply:

Send your scratch-and-sniff or pop-up resume and cover letter to sk@swiftkickhq.com.

The cover letter MUST include the following:

  • Description of why this job is calling out to you to apply
  • Skills/talents that you will bring to the Swift Kick team
  • Link to a video of you delivering a talk to an audience
  • Base salary desired for full-time employment

The intent is to hire someone full time by November of 2019

Application submission deadline is Nov 15th, 2019


Contact us to book your next leadership training or keynote.

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