Saudi Arabian Men Arrested for #FreeHugs

Saudi Arabian Men Arrested for #FreeHugs

The Commission of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice arrest two twenty-one year old men in Saudi Arabia who were giving out free hugs. These young men were inspired by the world wide Free Hugs movement and wanted to spread joy. Videos of the situation show many people gleefully hugging him. The culture in Saudi Arabia, however, is different than in America, and the idea of contact between unrelated men and women is extremely frowned upon. Here in the US, the idea of a group of people policing the streets to keep everyone moral seems ridiculous. They made the men promise to never do this again, but they told a UK newspaper that they intend to continue because they think what they were doing was good.

What do you think? Does Free Hugs have its place in a culture that prohibits of it? Is it right for them to go against orders from this Commission?

Full story at Independent.

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