Scoring your way to #TeamHuman

It’s midnight and my phone rings. I’m confused when I see the number of somebody I have not spoken with in a long time. I answer, confused and half asleep, “Hello?” The response was in a distressed voice, “Sami, I broke my leg in a hockey game. I have no one. Is there any way you can help out and take care of my cats?” Still half asleep, “Is everything okay? Can I come get you? Do you need help?” The conversation went on. 

I found out that an old friend of mine broke a few bones in their leg and had no one in the state, or even the east coast, that could come and help them. I know that they were here on the east coast for school and their family is living on the west coast. I thought to myself, what do I do? Do I go help? Do I ignore the phone call and go back to sleep? 

Of course I went to help out. That is what being #TeamHuman is all about. Over the past week, I have been traveling back and forth from my house to my friends’ helping with the cats, getting the apartment set up for their arrival home, and making sure everything was in order. 

Growing up, my mother always taught me to help others when I could, no matter who they were. Being in a community that supports one another, again, the same lesson has been learned. When I told family and friends what had happened, I had a mix of responses. Some were encouraging while others were not. I will not get into too much detail of the different conversations, however, what was going through my head was this: If I were in the same situation, I would want someone there to help me. Again, #TeamHuman

Lessons Learned

Answer Your Phone – Something I have learned before is ALWAYS to answer your phone calls. You never know what the conversation will be on the other side and never know when someone needs help.

Always Lend a Helping Hand – This is what #TeamHuman is all about. Help others whenever you can. Did I HAVE to go to the hospital and wait until my friend was out of surgery? No. Did I HAVE to go take care of their cats and apartment while they were gone? No. Just because you do not HAVE to do something doesn’t mean you still can’t help out. If we learned anything from Swift Kick and our Swift Kick family, helping others is in our blood and is what we are all about. 

Community Matters – Whether it is a friend, co-worker, family member, or complete stranger on the street – help out when you can. Community is community. Community is all of us together. Helping each other is what keeps us going and keeps us on #TeamHuman.

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