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Throughout my life, I always had difficulty remembering things. If an important, fun, crazy, interesting, or lame thought came to mind, I would repeat it over and over again in my head until I could write it down or put it to use. Sometimes, by the time I found paper and a pen, I would forget the thought I was thinking.  -___-

It is always frustrating when I forget a thought. Some of the worse times to forget something is always when my mom or dad would say, “don’t forget to, blah blah blah”. That’s all that I would remember… blah blah blah. I was tired of forgetting things all the time. Even something as simple as “put the dishes away” or, “don’t forget to fold the laundry”.

Recently, I decided to journal memories. I was told by several people that keeping a journal was fun and enjoyable. Personally, I am not a fan of writing my life down where anyone could pick it up and read it; but, I did like the idea of keeping a pocket-sized journal with me to write down anything and everything. It is amazing. It is one of my best tools now. I keep the journal and a pen in my back pocket. Anytime someone asks me to remind them of something, or to remember something for later, I just write it down in my handy-dandy journal.

I have been thinking of some great ideas recently, just as I am about to fall asleep – don’t you hate that? When a great thought comes to mind before falling asleep or in the shower? – Well, because of this, I bring my journal to bed now. It sits on my night stand next to me. If I am thinking of something amazing, I write it down and return to the thought in the morning. I guess I am sharing this story with you because some great ideas are the ones that enter and leave your brain quickly. They are ideas that could change something for the better, or worse, but they should matter and be remembered.

So… I wanted to share some tips!

  • When you have a great thought, write it in a journal or a post-it note near you
  • Keep a pen and pad of paper by the toilet. Hey, thoughts come at any time!
  • Carry a small journal, make it a memory book
  • Keep a pen and pad by your bed. Bed time is the best time for thoughts
  • Do what makes you happy!

If your memory is as bad as mine, I encourage you to create a fun little “memory” journal and keep it entertaining! Everyone has good and bad ideas. How would you know if it is a good or bad idea if you do not share it with the world!

Tweet it!

I personally do not do well with Twitter. I never got into it. But, that doesn’t mean I should dis the idea of how powerful it could be. How fun would it be if everyone tweeted random ideas? I know some people already do that, but what if it was your own personal memory book? How fun would it be if you sent a random tweet at 2 in the morning saying, “blog idea – There is no such thing as a simple thought, that why keeping a journal is so amazing, it holds all your memories for you!WRITE IT DOWN!” and everyone reads that tweet with confusion? Personally, I think it would be fun; I also believe it is a great way to act weird like my previous blog post said to do.

While tweeting these ideas, we could start a hashtag to show other wierdos out there that we are all one. We are an online family that enjoys sharing ideas and being creative! So, the next time you need to remember something, I challenge you to tweet your random thought/reminder and then hashtag it with #SKmemories. This way we can all be a bunch of weirdos tweeting our thoughts and sharing them to the world.

We are a community. What better way to keep a community strong than to share thoughts with one-another?!

I hope you, my favorite readers, take the time to pick a way to write, or type, memories and remember them in the future! I hope you have fun with whatever way you decided to go.

Have a wonderful day!

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