When Employee Engagement Goes Too Far – Scary Sixes

Robyn works at a large cosmetics company where meetings happen every day, all day. Others on the team describe her as loud, excited, and never-ending. In meetings, there is often no reason for Robyn to answer questions, but she does anyway. Many times, the questions aren’t related to her job and she doesn’t even have […]

Engaging “Neutrals” on Social Media

social media

If you’re reading this, you may also be a member of the Student Organization Leaders Facebook Group. (If you aren’t, do me a favor and request to join.) Our goal with this group is to create a place for people who have seen our Dance Floor Theory program or follow our work to continue the conversation […]

Swift Kick’s 3 Steps To Creating A Culture Of Connection

A core value of Facebook is “Move Fast.” “Moving fast enables us to build more things and learn faster. We’re less afraid of making mistakes than we are of losing opportunities by moving too slowly. We are a culture of builders, the power is in your hands.” A core value of Apple is “Saying No.” […]

Want to Change the World? There’s Nothing to It!

If you want to view paradise, Simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it. Student leaders change the world every day. It’s the little actions that determine if students feel welcomed, connected and engaged on their campus. To honor the loss of Gene […]

Are You Ready to #RAK16? – Spread Random Acts of Kindness with Us This April!

Imagine walking up to a vending machine, desperate for a chocolate bar, and lo and behold – there’s 4 quarters taped to the glass! There’s also a note that says – You’ve been RAKed! Enjoy your next snack on me. #RAK14.  Wouldn’t that feel amazing? Even more amazing – you could be the person leaving […]

Relating Dance Floor Theory to Pixar’s Inside Out

“Don’t be sad, get glad”. This is a common everyday phrase that is often used when an individual is trying to cheer someone else up.   However, in Pixar’s Inside-Out there is an underlying message, since all the main characters of the movie are emotions. At the beginning of the movie Joy, Madness, Disgust, and […]

[VIDEO] Dance Floor Theory Gets a Fancy New Video

After rounds of edits, adjustments, and merry making, we finally released our new Dance Floor Theory intro video to the world! If you have 2.2 seconds, can you give it a “thumbs up” on Youtube? If you have 5 mins and 25 seconds, you should watch the whole thing. Interested in learning more about Dance […]

Bye-Bye-Bye (Bye Bye…) – Matt’s NSync Reflection…

I meant to say Internship Reflection! I don’t know where to begin… 6 months have flown by since my first day at Swift Kick. Well, they always say time flies by when your having fun. However, I did not know that work could be so much fun and productive at the same time. As the virtual intern, I was four hours away from […]