Blender Events Brainstorming List

Blender Events Brainstorming List

If you follow our blog, you probably noticed we started a new segment called ‘Blender Events‘ where we highlight possible Blender Events student leaders could run on their campus. If you’re a DFT alumni, you should already know the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of Blender Events. If the term is brand new to you, click here to […]

The Social Waltz

The Social Waltz

While hanging out in Central Park, I watched a large group of people picnicking in a grassy area nearby. Without attempting to stare too much, I’d glance back to the group every five minutes. Each time I looked back, everyone had switched places. It was one big social waltz where everyone mingled with everyone. Thinking […]


Blender Events

KLM leveraged Social Media to creatively engage their traveling customers with a pattern interrupt of happiness. Imagine if your campus had a Social Media Prize Patrol that would track students down via public tweets and deliver them a pattern interrupt of happiness. ** To learn more about Blender Events, click here. To learn more about our Dance Floor […]

Introducing: 1st Annual Collegiate International Free Hugs Day (11-10-11)

After seven years of helping colleges create their own events on a campus-by-campus basis, we thought it was time to step up the game. This year we’re bringing together 10,000s of student leaders and student groups from all over the world to participate in one single event on one single day. Introducing the 1st Annual […]

The Why Behind FREE HUGS

Engagement Pyramid

In our Dance Floor Theory™ program, we divide member engagement within a community into six different stages… Technically it’s seven, but that’s another story for another time. We call these six stages The Engagement Pyramid™. Each stage is defined by a different set of characteristics for an individual. Fully engaged members display different characteristics than […]

Laying Tracks for Motivated Trains

Laying Tracks for Motivated Trains

Three quick stories, one important point. Story #1: Last week, before my soccer match, I watched a little league softball game on the field next to us. Surrounding the field was a collection of parents multitasking between the game, their blackberries, and babysitting their, even younger, offspring. One parent in particular was having a hard […]

Engagement Inbreeding

A couple of months ago, a debate erupted over the possible elitist nature of the popular online student affairs community, #SAchat. The discussion lasted for several days, before trailing off. But the idea of elitism stayed with me for a while afterwards because back in college, my student activities group was also accused of a […]

Tis The Season To…Hire


With an amazing 2010 coming to a close for us at Red Rover and 2011 already looking like a landmark year, we’re expanding the team and looking to recruit some amazing new people. Below are two roles we’re hiring for in the next couple weeks. For both roles, they’d start off as trial contractual positions […]