5 Ways to Put Some Hope Back in the World

It’s safe to say that we all need a little hope, love, and happiness right now, given that our country and our world feel crazier than ever. Despite the fact that very troubling news keeps breaking, I have found myself surprised to see positivity and compassion rise out of these ashes. I have been inspired […]

4 Ways to Make Everyone Feel Incredibly Important

Take a moment to remember the last time you did something for someone and their happiness and gratitude made you shine brighter than any gift you’ve ever been given. That amazing feeling leaves a mark, doesn’t it? The connection between your soul and that person’s takes on a permanent hold. We all know the saying, “Live […]

4 Techniques to Turn Your Next Event into an Endorphin Party of Happiness

Photo Credit: Premasagar Rose[/caption] A group of 15 adults awkwardly stood in a circle waiting for the instructor’s command to start. I nervously looked over at my mom as this was nothing I’d ever done before…especially with my mom. “Ready? Go!” The whole circle exploded into a rumble of laughter. We started off with a […]


KLM leveraged Social Media to creatively engage their traveling customers with a pattern interrupt of happiness. Imagine if your campus had a Social Media Prize Patrol that would track students down via public tweets and deliver them a pattern interrupt of happiness. ** To learn more about Blender Events, click here. To learn more about our Dance Floor […]