Tom was on TV About the Hugging World Record!

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Hugs are free, For me and you! On Thursday, November 3, we hosted Student Free Hugs Day.  Thank you to the College of DuPage for hosting the attempt at breaking a world record for the most number of hugs in one minute. It was an honor for Tom to […]

Kicking Bullying to the Curb

Meet Addison Mallery! HI! My name is Addy Mallery, and I am a 19 year old sophomore student studying at Allegany College of Maryland.  I am currently in the early childhood education program, and will be graduating with my associates’ degree next spring. I will then be transferring to Frostburg State to get my Bachelors […]

4 Excuses You Can’t Use for Not Participating in Free Hugs Day

Are you ready for Free Hugs Day?! Many of you will be nodding your heads saying, “YES! LET ‘S DO THIS!” Others might not have a clue. And yet, others (and this post is for you) might be making excuses as to why you can’t run a Free Hugs Day on your campus. Here are some […]

Taking a Time Out: The Importance of (Social) Staff Development

In my 10 years of supervising people in student affairs, the biggest lesson I can share would be to develop your staff. No matter my position, from RA to Associate Director, the value of connecting the staff socially made each team stronger and more efficient. For some of you it may be a requirement; for others, you […]

[VIDEO] What does ‘Humans Need Humans’ Mean to you?

Humans Need Humans What does it mean to you? We asked our friends and family, and students at Bridgewater State, LeMoyne, Kutztown, and UNT Dallas what they thought. Check it out! Now it’s your turn! Film a video for Instagram and tag @swiftkickhq and #teamhuman – let us know what ‘Humans Need Humans’ mean to […]

See That Student Sitting Alone at Lunch?

During a Florida State University football team tour of a local middle school, wide receiver Travis Rudolph created a selfless moment of kindness that we should all inspire our campus leaders to do on a daily basis. Travis saw 11-year-old Bo Peske sitting by himself in the cafeteria during lunch. It’s reported that Bo, who has autism, […]

Q&A With A Graduate Building Director

Throughout my college career I have met several people who have inspired me. One person in particular is Casey Steiner. I met Casey two years ago when she entered my life as my boss. Now that I graduated, I am so happy to say that Casey is one of my closest friends. She is someone […]

5 Reasons Humans Need Humans

At face value, most would say our world is a mess. Collectively, we have a lot of work to do. I argue that it starts on a person -to-person level. I think love, respect and understanding can make great things happen. It just starts with a little human kindness. (And maybe some common sense.) In […]

Lukas Graham Album Review: Humans Need Human Music

I know my good friends now they’ll last The same ones that stood by me when my daddy passed All I know is that we’ll never really be alone ‘Cause we got a lot of love and a happy home Does that give you the feels? It gives me the feels. By now, unless you […]

“You are the Clownfish to My Anemone”

Anyone who has seen Finding Nemo knows that clownfish like anemone.  They also know that “anemone” is really hard to say. This weekend, I went to the aquarium in Norwalk, CT with my family. We saw a fish go through the anemone, and the anemone seemed to actually brush the fish. It was pretty darn […]