Using Micro-Actions to Create a Strong Campus Culture

I didn’t know anyone at the school, so I patiently waited in the lobby for the student life advisor to show up. When at first, I thought I was alone, the janitor turned the corner and saw me. He smiled and said, “Hi.” I smiled back. Then a group of two students walked past me […]

4 Ways Your Graduated Student Leaders Can Still Help Your Student Organization

It’s graduation season! How do I know? Because my entire social newsfeed is filled with pictures of the graduating student leaders we’ve connected with over the past four years. A challenge every student activities department faces this time of year is the reminder that their student leaders turn over every two to four years. All […]

6 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

6 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

Creativity is important no matter what you do. Student leaders especially need to be creative to make it work, as Tim Gunn says, whether dealing with people, crazy projects, or school administration. These 6 steps to better creativity come straight from a developmental psychology textbook*. Try to be surprised every day. In other words, be […]

Exciting Announcement: #SLchat and the Student Leader Collective

  Calling all student leaders: Wouldn’t it be great if inspired students just like you got together every week to help each other be more awesome and swap ideas? Well stop wishing, it is here! Starting on October 22nd,  @SLCollective is hosting their first ever #SLchat! Every Tuesday at 7pm EST, student leaders will search […]

Turning Energy into Action at New Student Orientation Programs

Turning Energy into Action at New Student Orientation Programs

This past Thursday I was working with UMass – Boston  on their newly formed Investiture for first year students. It’s a tradition they are hoping to continue on for many years to come. I’m a huge fan of their efforts since it’s a great way to set the tone for the year as well as […]

Student Leader Spotlight: Neel Thakkar (College of Dupage)

School and Year: College of Dupage ’15 Major: Biological Science Leadership position: President of ISA (Indian Student Association) How do you define leadership?  Well, I think there is no specific phrase, word or metaphor that could define the pictorial image of leadership. Leadership, to me, is an act where the leader leads the group of diverse […]

Hey Upperclassman! A Psychology Fact That Might Make You the Best Leader Ever


It has been found that feelings of power are indirectly related to empathy. In other words, if you feel like you have power over a situation, your brain is less likely to turn on its empathy capacities. You are less likely to relate to other people with power than when you are feeling powerless. (Full […]

Blender Events Brainstorming List

Blender Events Brainstorming List

If you follow our blog, you probably noticed we started a new segment called ‘Blender Events‘ where we highlight possible Blender Events student leaders could run on their campus. If you’re a DFT alumni, you should already know the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of Blender Events. If the term is brand new to you, click here to […]

Newsletter: January 2011


Our goal is to support your efforts in increasing student engagement on your campus, and with the launch of new features in the Red Rover platform and the ongoing growth of our community across the country, we’ve hit the ground running in 2011. Here’s a snapshot of this month’s latest and greatest news and updates.

Social Media and Student Activism: An Interview with Dan McDowell

Social Media

Dan McDowell is a junior at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, studying Political Science with a minor in Public Policy. He’s currently the Speaker of the Student Senate in the Undergraduate Student Government, contributes to the SGA Collaborative, and moderates the #SGAChat on Twitter. He took a break from his busy schedule to talk with us about […]