The Social Waltz

The Social Waltz

While hanging out in Central Park, I watched a large group of people picnicking in a grassy area nearby. Without attempting to stare too much, I’d glance back to the group every five minutes. Each time I looked back, everyone had switched places. It was one big social waltz where everyone mingled with everyone.

Thinking back on events I’ve either hosted or attended, the best ones involved some kind of social waltz where no conversation dragged on too long and everyone mingled and connected with everyone.

Sometimes a social waltz happens organically, but more often, it’s up to the host (you) to make the social waltz happen.

In Dance Floor Theory, step two in turning a bad dance into a good dance is to introduce people to each other. DFT alumni should recognize this step as the “uh have you met uh” moment in the training.

As the host of an event, you get to make the social waltz happen. At first it might be tough, but over time it builds and eventually the dance should continue on without you.

Tom Krieglstein

I train leaders & give Free Hugs. Founder of Swift Kick. Member of EO, TechStars, and YEC.

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