Last Week in Student Affairs [07/22/11]

Last Week in Student Affairs [07/22/11]

It’s no secret that everyone at Swift Kick HQ loves to read…a lot. With so much great content around community engagement and involvement passing through our brains every day, we thought we’d try out a new series called “Last Week In Student Affairs” in which we highlight the highlights.


  • What will 42 years in Student Affairs teach you? Well, 42 things to be exact >> via @SCGSNP
  • Hashtags (e.g. #SAchat) do have a purpose outside of customer support calls >> via @esteehernandez
  • Appalachian State University shows us that admission videos have their limits >> via @the_sa_blog
  • Trouble engaging part-time, non-traditional, or commuter students? Here’s an oversimplified six prong approach >> via @AdobeEdu
  • Yoda’s zen life helped him live to…really old. Now you can increase your life span too with a little office zen  >> via @coryphare
  • BONUS TANGENT: Stephen Colbert breaks character to record** a video for the Dan Savage-led It Gets Better campaign >> via HolyKaw
** Link Broken as of July/2019
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