The Time When Swift Kick Became Detectives and Traveled to Poland

Last Wednesday, Team Swift Kick put on their thinking caps and became Detectives! Tom, Jay, and Sami traveled to Krakow, Poland (virtually of course) to the beautiful Czartoryski Museum. 

While here, Game Master Kasia gave them the rundown on what happened. One of the employees from the Museum stole a beautiful painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. The employee used a fake name but was bad with numbers and left a few clues behind. 

While investigating, Tom, Jay, and Sami searched for clues and solved several puzzles to discover the thief’s true identity. Better yet, they only had an hour to do so! 

Thankfully, they were able to work as a team by engaging, supporting, and helping each other throughout their investigation. With only two minutes remaining, they were able to solve the true identity of the thief! 

Why Teamwork is Important and what Team Swift Kick Learned Throughout Their Investigation: 

Work Together, not Separately – There are hundreds of teams out in the world that do not know how to work together. We here at Swift Kick believe in working together as a team and solving problems together. This is why we do activities like this to keep the team as one.

Listen to One Another – Throughout the investigation, each team member showed their own strength. For example, once one member was able to figure out a clue, the rest of the team took a step back, listened to what they had to say, and then added on their own thoughts/comments.

Patience – Patience is key. There were definitely times where each member was confused and frustrated when they couldn’t figure out a puzzle or did not understand what was going on. The beauty of this? Each team member was able to take a step back, explain their thoughts on what was going on, and helped the other members out.

Pay attention to the Small Details – Throughout the investigation, the game master gave clues. If a member missed those small details, the rest of the team was able to have each other’s back by sharing those details they missed. By working together as a team, Swift Kick was able to complete challenges that only one person may not have been able to do. 

Overall, This was an amazing experience where members were able to listen to one another, work together as a team, and have several laughs and struggles throughout.

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