5 Lessons About Time Management – #50MeetUps

5 Lessons About Time Management – #50MeetUps

The journey to #50MeetUps continues on a stop to a workshop about time management by Barbara, a Certified Professional Coach. It is always interesting to see to the different approaches people take to common topics, such as this one. The techniques offered were things I have heard before, but the discussions in between the techniques were more interesting for me. Besides the gentleman who snored through most of the meeting (Oops!), here are my big takeaways:

1. BE-ing vs DO-ing:

It is one thing to BE busy, but it is way more valuable to DO things that lead to your personal and professional growth.

2. Self management:

Time management is the phrase that has been coined, but what we’re really analyzing is self-management. Do you always say yes to things, inevitably leading to not having enough time? Things that make you go “hmmm…”

3. Decision – Focus-  Skills – Systems:

Each time you make a decision, you are narrowing (or expanding) your focus, which creates new skills (good or bad) that become systems you deploy to get things done on a daily basis. Is your system a good one? Maybe it’s time to take a look at the decisions your making.

4. Action is the only cure:

The only way to get better at managing your time is to take action. Instead of planning to plan, TAKE ACTION to move yourself and your team to the next level.

5. Our definition of perfection is all made up:

Have you ever not started a project because you were afraid it wouldn’t be perfect? When you start to feel this way, complete this sentence: “If I could, I would ____.” If you could start the project, what would be step one? Simply, start there!

While on your team, there will likely be a discussion/argument/training about time management. Keep in mind that time management is more than keeping track of the clock. Knowing yourself, your team, your goals and your team’s goal can help put these five tips into practice to keep your time and self management skills sharp.

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