Top 5 Fall Activities For Your Team

Fall is a perfect time for team building. A team could consist of people you work with, your friends, family, anyone really. A few weeks ago my friends and I went on a cabin trip. We needed some time away from life and to have a little fun. While on this trip, we decided we wanted to come up with a few activities we could do to enjoy the weather.

There was a beautiful crisp breeze in the air and leaves are falling all over. After making a hot cup of tea on a beautiful Saturday morning, we decided to go out around town to take photos together. Luckily, we all brought a cute fall outfit. While walking around town, we found some wonderful places. Not only were we able to take photos, but we were able to get to know the community a little better as well. We went to a local farmers market and asked a few people there what we could do while on our mini vacation. Everyone was so sweet and gave us lots of ideas.

After spending the day out and about in the community, we ended up coming back and creating a fire. We were able to reflect on our day, catch up on how life is because we only get the chance to gather a few times a year, and bond over stories of work, friendship, and relationships.

Once we wrapped up the weekend and said our goodbyes, we each went our separate ways back to our hometowns. During my two-hour drive home, the weekend had me thinking. What would be some fun activities that I have done in the past that our community would love to do with their teams?

5 ways you and your team can have fun this season:

Fall Photo Shoot

Fall is one of the best times of the year to grab a camera and get your group together. All you need is your team, a phone/camera, and a tripod (trust me, it’s worth it to have). The real struggle is how do you take good photos? The trick is, don’t pay attention to the camera! When we were doing our photoshoot, my friend Haley (an amazing photographer) casually talked to us and clicked away. We were laughing and having a great time! After taking a hundred photos or so, I guarantee you will get a handful of ones you enjoy.

Volunteer in the Community

I don’t know about you, but for me, volunteering just makes you feel good. You have the opportunity to help your community and grow closer with your team. I encourage you and your team to brainstorm ideas for getting out and volunteering in your community. You might even be able to convince your supervisor to use work time to do so! Some ideas to start you off could be raking leaves, clearing snow, baking pies, or working at a soup kitchen. There are plenty of ways to get out and help.

Movie Night / Bonfire

Depending on where you are located and the equipment you have, this could be an amazing night of fun for your group! At a past job, I had a beautiful setup for my RAs. For one of our bonding nights, we had a fire going with smores in the back and a projector out along with a big white sheet up against one of the buildings. Everyone brought a chair or blanket while having a blast watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Fall Themed Potluck

Potlucks are always fun. You get a variety of food and a great bonding experience. So, grab your team and get a list started. Allow enough time for people to sign up for an item that they are able to bring. To make it easier, you could make a list with categories—for example, main dish, appetizer, dessert, other items needed, allergy-friendly, etc. When I do a potluck with my community, we usually put a budget of $10-$15 per person (depending on your group size). That way, everyone is equal and no one is spending more than another. 

Random Acts of Kindness

This topic is always a favorite to share. There are hundreds of things you could do for others. What makes it better is bringing your team along! I encourage you to take a day (or a few hours out of your day), grab your team, and get out there. Some ideas to start you off include, but most definitely are not limited to: Donate old clothes to the Salvation Army, help carry groceries for people struggling to their cars, hold doors open for others, come up with a group budget and pay for other’s coffee, leave positive notes around town for others to read, write thank you letters to local businesses, get convos started and learn about someone, give out compliments to strangers, etc. There are HUNDREDS of things to do. I am sure you and your team can get out there and get a few accomplished while bonding with one another all at the same time!

I am curious which of these fun fall activities you have done with your groups and which activities you will try this season. It never hurts to inspire your community by showing them a few ways to get up, get out, and have fun!

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