What Is Your Morning Routine?

If your morning routine involves reaching for your phone, welcome to the club and STOP IT. Some of the most successful (and wealthiest) people in the world get in a full workout, read a book (or a big part of one) and meditate before they even look at a screen for the first time.

If you don’t have a morning routine, I highly recommend considering adopting one. It doesn’t have to start at 5am and involve more energy than you would extend in a normal day. Little things that make you feel confident and ready to face the world are a great place to start.

By no means am I a morning person, or wealthy for that matter, but I have a few things that, when I do them, set me up for an awesome day.

  1. Wake up and stay up

    I used to be the queen of my snooze button. Now, I know to get up and stay up; rolling over for ten more minutes is not worth it, makes me more tired and most likely late for wherever I am headed.

  2. Stretch

    Chronologically, I am not getting any younger. (Mentally is for another blog post :P) Moving my body for five minutes wakes up my muscles and gets my blood pumping for a nice boost of energy.

  3.  Drink at least 16 oz of water

    Doctor’s orders. And it jump-starts everything in your body, from your brain to your metabolism. Plus, when I wake up, I am usually thirsty.

Have a weird schedule and your mornings don’t happen, well, in the morning? That’s okay. Your routine, whenever you wake up, still makes all the difference in your mood and productivity, maybe even more so for those with second shift schedules.

For more expertise on how to make the most of your mornings, check out our freshman success book. Have a morning routine? Sharing is caring. #TeamHuman

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