What Will You Say No To? Defining Company Values

In a recent post, 37signals showcased what it means for a company to know where it stands. Their example was the NYC bike maker Francesco Bertelli.

Bertelli is a great example of a company that knows where it stands. The best way to know where you stand is to figure out what you won’t do. What will you say no to? Francesco puts his no’s right out in front. It makes the experience better for everyone.

And it’s true, Bertelli makes beautiful bikes.

Software and bikes are very similar in this regard. Too many software tools on the college market fight feature for feature and use words like robust, comprehensive, and all-in-one.

We’re happy to let them continue to out feature each other. May the company with the longest list of features win. With every new feature comes complexity and distancing from the core values and the schools find it harder and harder to gain adoption.

There’s beauty in simplicity. There’s also usability in simplicity.

If you’re curious about where we stand, check out our previously posted guiding principles: Part 1**, 2**, and 3**

** Link Broken as of June/2019

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