Why Little Moments Have The Biggest Impact

Why Little Moments Have The Biggest Impact

I’m told the Earth moves on its own.

Time is fleeting. It is often said that the older we get, the faster time moves. To quote Andy Bernard from ‘The Office’, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them”. We often FPPGN9PXCIonly appreciate a moment for what it is after it’s over. We go through life on this ‘quest’ to be accomplished professionals and to achieve everything we set our hearts on. But life isn’t always about the fancy name-tag or extra large office space. Life is the sum of the little moments we’ll never forget. 

Importance of Involvement

In college, we organize our accomplishments by our class year and email signature. We wait on titles and recommendation letters to shape and define who we are as student leaders. It shouldn’t matter if you are the President of the student organization or a general member who attends every meeting. The opportunities to positively impact those around us are endless. We’re a part of this culture where it’s so important to remember that we as people are #bettertogether.

Being a part of a fraternity is an interesting dynamic, to say the least. Greek life in general opens doors and opportunities to an entirely different community on a college campus you may have never connected with. Nationally, IMG_2566fraternities have different awards recognizing chapters for their devotion to their respective brotherhood. In truth, winning those awards has nothing to do with why I’m proud to be a fraternity man. Sitting around the room at 7:00pm every Wednesday during the semester are gentlemen I call my brothers. To me, those awards don’t matter. I’m happiest when we can talk about how much we love Game of Thrones or Fantasy Football. I’m proud of what each of those guys represent and bring to Bridgewater State University.

I felt alone. I felt disregarded and forgotten.

All it took was one of my future fraternity brothers asking me to get food with him and some of the guys. That little moment made the biggest impact. I felt like I was finally part of something and that point in time altered my journey and changed my life for the better. It had nothing to do with who he was or what his position was; it had everything to do with human connection.

Why It All Makes Sense

It was almost a downpour. Laying there motionless on the college quad, there was nothing else that mattered in that moment together. We talked about life and purpose. We hypothesized about the universe and all of the seconds that led to that point in time. For me, this moment was so incredibly impactful. This little moment that we shared in the cold summer rain helpedIMG_4787 positively shape my time at Bridgewater State University. Those precious seconds would change my world, flip it upside-down, and redefine my expectations on human connection.

I could feel my world turning. My life had been positively impacted, but…

I’m told the Earth moves on its own.

What moments have defined your experiences? What little moments made the biggest difference? 

Jake Ames

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