Working In A Community You Love

It’s 7:30 in the morning and my alarm is buzzing. Time to wake up and get ready for work! I know not a lot of people put excitement behind that statement, however, I am lucky enough to say I do. Waking up and going to work is an exciting task for me. Why? Because I work on a team that communicates and listens well to each other. 

Prior to working at Swift Kick, I was a Resident Director (RD) and managed a team of Resident Assistants as well as wore several other hats in the position. When I came across an image of Tom pointing with the quote “we want you,” I was shocked and excited to see Swift Kick hiring. After being accepted as the Community Manager at Swift Kick, moving out of the RD position was a bittersweet moment. I knew my time had come in the res life world, though I was terrified to move into a whole new world of sales and community management. I had never done this before and did not know where to begin. 

When beginning my new career, Tom and Jay were extremely welcoming. They made my first day, and every day since then, an amazing experience. After working here for six months, I have come to realize that this is home. This job means everything to me, not only because of my amazing co-workers but also because of the community we work with. Learning from clients and befriending them is one of the many things that I love about this job. I have learned what it is like to “be in the family” with Swift Kick because of our community. I was welcomed with open arms and friendly emails.

The question I ask myself everyday is why? Why is my team, and this community, so open and understanding? Why do I not feel stressed in my position? Aren’t you supposed to feel that way sometimes at work? Going back to my original statement: Waking up and going to work is an exciting task for me. Every. Single. Day. 

The feeling I want to convey to my team, and to the community at large, is gratitude. I am grateful for your continuous support, for your continuous love and connection, and for making our team and community feel so welcome, connected, and engaged. It is an honor to serve as the Community Manager on team Swift Kick and work with every client we do. Even if a booking does not go through, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to connect with those who reach out and enter the family that Swift Kick has and will continue to grow for years and years to come. 

Takeaways I have learned from our community that reflect Swift Kick’s core values: 

Play to Win – Going above and beyond within your community is always a welcoming breath of fresh air. When you have those members who enjoy doing what they do and take it one step farther, you then have a happy community overall.

Feed Your Butterflies – Taking on challenges every single day is an amazing opportunity to have. We are able to step out of our comfort zone and explore what we are able to achieve.

See It Through Their Eyes – Learning from the community is something I value very much. I enjoy understanding the challenges and strategies our community has to offer.

Raise The Tide – Working together is always a great contribution to the whole community. When people take on tasks and projects all by themselves, it can become difficult to complete and may have the best outcome. It is always better to reflect with a team member and get a new perspective.

Open Doors, Open Hearts – Sharing vulnerability within your team and community is always welcoming. By trusting, respecting, and growing together, your team/community will have the opportunity to build amazing connections and better outcomes overall.

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