Yes And…Using Improv for Team Success

Yes And…Using Improv for Team Success

Last week, I went to the zoo…
Suzie: Yes, and when I arrived, I could understand all the animals’ languages…
Johnny: Yes, and I heard the giraffes talking smack about the turtles…
Fred: Yes, and I found out that it was because the turtles played a prank on the giraffes…

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See where I’m going with this? Nope? Good. Because that is the amazing, special and spontaneous thing about improv. You will never know where it will start and more importantly, you will never know where it will end. At the end of it, you can only hope for a few laughs and a really great story.

In the world of improv, the “Yes, And…” technique is the foundation of the practice. It is the validation of the idea your improv team has presented and expansion of the gift they have handed you. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is off limits.

In the world of teams and community, this is a GREAT tactic to use in brainstorming. You become unlimited when “Yes, And…” becomes your starting point. Here are 3 things that make it so amazing:

You’re not saying “No.”

Do you like it when people say “No” to you? Didn’t think so. When using the “Yes, And…” principle, you are (literally) telling your teammate, YES! Acknowledgement and acceptance are powerful tools on your team.

It gets your creative juices flowing.

Your team will inevitably have to brainstorm. “Yes, And…” opens avenues of creativity you probably never knew existed.

“Yes, And…” will teach you stay open. 

Using this technique in your work life is great, but translating it to your every day life keeps you aware of the endless possibilities in any situation.

Using “Yes, And…” will take practice. From your expansive list of ideas, you can then filter out the best one(s) for your team. And don’t forget to save your ideas; who knows, maybe you can use them in the future. Karen Tilstra says, “Every idea deserves a minute of life.” See how powerful it can be in the video below.

So, go forth and try “Yes, And…” You won’t be sorry!

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