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knowing you help the most number of students possible to feel welcomed, connected, and engaged within your school community.

You easily report on your successes so the whole school respects your work. Your efforts to increase student engagement impact the entire community by making it a happier, more enjoyable place. Ultimately retention and success measures are through the roof.
"Nothing comes close to a Swift Kick training. Everyone is buzzing and we can't stop talking about it."
SK Speeches

Our award winning trainings are the perfect way to energize you, your staff, & your student leaders & get everyone thinking about the problem & solution of student engagement in a totally unique way. Learn more

SK Kicks

Student Launcher is an online fundraising tool that leverages social media to help student leaders spend less time fundraising for great events, & more time doing great events. Learn more

SK Kicks

Peer-to-Peer learning at its best. Play, learn, and grow with others from around the world. Learn more

If you struggle to engage your people and/or get them to participate in your programs, you need to contact Swift Kick as they are spot on and will help you build a strong foundation of engagement." - Jane Westbay, U.S. Navy

Why Swift Kick?

  • 300+ School Clients
  • 9 Years of Measurable Success
  • 99% Client Referrals
  • 3x "Speakers of the Year"
  • Proven Engagement System

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