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We work with organizations that want to create a Culture of Connection™ that ultimately leads to increased engagement, productivity, and profitability.

Our programs help companies create a vibrant company culture where every employee is motivated by their work, valued by their employers, and connected to each other. From keynotes at national conferences to smaller team building facilitation, our programs are perfect for your next meeting, conference, or corporate event.

“Swift Kick not only provides the tools and skills to make any team a success, but they also create a warm environment that makes you pause, think, reflect, think again, and naturally want to open your mind to overcoming challenges personally and professionally.”

Kessie Bratko
VP, Global Program Management
BCD Travel


Dance Floor Theory Employee Engagement System

- Establish an Engagement Based Leadership system
- Develop a vibrant company culture to maximize performance
- Empower employees to be motivated by their own work - Retain top talent and A-Players

Powerful Team Bonding for Highly Engaged Teams

- Build appreciation, connection, communication, and support between team members
- Convert disengaged employees into team players
- Align the team around key outcomes and purpose
- Unlock team strengths to maximize performance

Outstanding Onboarding For New Employees

- Connect new employees to the company mission, vision, and core values.
- Build strong connections between new employees
- Provide specific strategies on how new employees can quickly excel in their role
- Have a lot of fun 🙂

Creating Clients For Life

- Discover the secret to creating enduring and profitable relationships with clients
- Create a "human-touch" environment that makes clients feels welcomed and connected
- Establish a powerful model for inspiring true customer loyalty and retention
- Turn your clients into your biggest advocates.

Virtual Team Engagement

- Establish an Engagement Based Leadership system focused on a mobile-first culture
- Drive business performance and maintain cultural cohesiveness from afar
- Implement strategies to create a sense of human connection with a virtual team
- Insight on what drives real engagement with remote workers.

Looking For A Virtual Keynote Speaker?

All of our CULTURE OF CONNECTION™ programs can also be done virtually and are highly engaging. Our virtual leadership programs run 1-4 hours long and are all done via a secure Zoom account. The ideal group size is anywhere from 4 – 1000 people. They are very interactive with a combination of solo work, small group work in Zoom breakout rooms, group polls, and large group sharing. We leverage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities that result in a highly engaging program that creates lasting change for any organization.


Our programs and keynotes are intended for company leaders and their teams. Our programs run 1-5 hours. Our keynotes run 30-90 minutes.
We are also REALLY good at creating custom programs, so if you don’t see what you are looking for above but love our style, message, and energy, let us know and we’ll create an amazing program just for your group.


Take a look at the highlight video below to get a feel of how your organization or conference can benefit from one of our corporate programs or keynotes.



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