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Create a Culture of Connection™ with your student leaders through one of our highly engaging virtual programs that ultimately leads to increased engagement, retention, and productivity.

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Our Culture of Connection™ Virtual Programs

Virtual Team Engagement

In this program leaders will learn advanced tips on virtual engagement for both their e-boards as well as their organization members. We’ll share tactics that go far past just setting up a video conference to create lasting virtual engagement.

Habits of Highly Engaging Student Organizations

In this program we’ll train leaders on our Dance Floor Theory™️ engagement system that provides student leaders and advisors a new model for creating community, increasing student engagement, and fostering a culture of retention.

Engaging the Disengaged at Orientation

College success starts at orientation and OLs are the key to a great orientation. In this program, we’ll train OLs on the top skills needed to connect and engage with every first year student and turn their apathy into action.

Recruiting and Retaining Group Members

Every year a massive number of students join groups only to disappear a few months later. Why does this happen and how can you prevent it in your group? In this program, we’ll break down the hidden secrets to recruiting & retaining group members & officers so that the party keeps going on long after you’ve left the dance floor.

Communicating with Crappy People

Ever interacted with someone who seems to make every situation toxic and impossible. Pointing out that these people are difficult and demanding won’t get you anywhere, though odds are, they don’t even see a problem. In this program, you’ll learn how to navigate these interactions with impossible people and preserve your own sanity.

Managing Your State While Balancing Work, School, and Being a Student Leader

Feeling overwhelmed? Stress can have a massive impact on your overall health and daily functioning. It’s not about how much stress you carry with you, but rather how you manage your stress. In this program we’ll dig into what exactly is “your state” and the secrets to being able to manage your state at any moment to achieve your ideal outcome.

How Our Virtual Leadership Programs Work

Our virtual leadership programs run 1-4 hours long and are all done via Zoom. The ideal group size is anywhere from 4 – 1000 people. They are very interactive with a combination of solo work, small group work in Zoom breakout rooms, group polls, and large group sharing. We leverage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities that result in a highly engaging program that creates lasting change for any organization.


Since 2014, Tom has trained over half a million leaders around the world at organizations such as Coca Cola, Pfizer, Disney, TED, US Navy, and UCLA. He holds an unprecedented 7 National Speaking Titles, sits on the board for the National Speakers Association, is trained on Neural Linguistic Programming, certified in Appreciative Inquiry, and loves peanut butter.


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