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Tom Krieglstein

Founder, Lead Facilitator

Tom is an award winning speaker and writer on increasing engagement and fostering retention. He has worked with over 650 college and corporations worldwide through his leadership programs. Tom has gone from successful internet entrepreneur of a $1.5 million dollar company at 21 years old to five-time “Leadership Speaker of the Year.”

Besides being valedictorian and an All-USA Academic First Year member from his college, Tom also sat on the board of the NY Entrepreneur’s Organization for five years and has trained over 227,000 leaders on how to build a culture of connection where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged.

On a personal note, Tom lives in New York City. Loves peanut butter. Was named after a cat. And holds a Guinness World Record for most number of hugs by one person in one minute.


“Tom is perhaps the best speaker in the market. He is engaging, thought proving, high energy, and fun! I have seen Tom present to my students on various occasions and I am consistently impressed with how he works with groups, both large and small. In addition to delivering a great keynote, Tom goes above and beyond to connect with participants, event planners, and all attendees on a personal basis. A great speaker and even better person.”

Brian Egger
Key Club, New York

“Tom is able to effectively engage a group of students for several hours with them leaving inspired, energized and connected. Staff who attend his program to support the students, find themselves engaged and returning to their work motivated to better connect students. ”

Jaime Parker-Lewis

“Tom is absolutely amazing! He continued the high and positive energy through the duration of the conference, that was a total of SIX hours of non-stop hugging, loving, and smiling! Our students had a blast and cannot stop mentioning how motivated they are to adapt the Dance Floor Theory into their respective clubs and organizations.”

Gabriella Mata
Morton College

“Tom is on his game. Best talk I have seen in Student Affairs. Well played sir! Amazing energy and can’t wait for it to carry over to the campus. Thank you!”

Alan Kramer
Abraham Baldwin Agri College

“Tom has a way of drawing the students in and keeping them engaged from beginning to end. The staff were all smiles.”

Re’Shanda Grace-Bridges
University of Dayton



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