TO BE SWIFT KICK's Community and Client Associate


  • You seriously love seeing how a positive supportive community can transform someone’s life. You want to create a better world and believe that building stronger communities is the key. 
  • A friend sent this link to you thinking ‘Swift Kick‘ was the title of a new Chuck Norris movie.
  • You desperately need a a job… any job.

To be clear, if you nodded your head at #2 or #3, it’s better to turn back now. Sorry, we’re just not that into you. We swear it’s not you, it’s us. Don’t worry you’ll find love…somewhere. If you found yourself drooling while reading #1, look below at our current job opening and if it calls your name, let’s talk.

Submission Deadline: Dec 30th, 2020
Start Date: Feb 1st, 2021

SWIFT KICK Community and Client Associate

We’re seeking one non-zombied person to join our team as a FULL-TIME community and client associate to help current and potential clients love us and the work we do. Through daily phone calls, emails, social media, marketing materials, and in-person trade shows, you’ll be not only the voice of Swift Kick, but also the face. Paper pushers need not apply!

Your Mission (if you choose to accept it):

  • Smile and be awesome; in the face of chaos, you’ll remain cool as a cat.
  • Be a direct part of many ongoing and one-time projects from the team.
  • Smart, self-motivated, and absolutely love closing sales leads and opportunities.
  • Comfortable tracking, following up, and closing hundreds of leads in various stages.
  • You love digging through the details of paperwork.
  • Have prior sales experience and comfortable working inside of a CRM.
  • Be in charge of specific weekly/monthly metrics of success related to sales and marketing.
  • Love improving and updating our various internal systems (Google Drive, Excel, Capsule CRM, Mailchimp, etc).
  • Participate in daily, weekly, and monthly planning meetings to keep the team on track and moving forward.
  • Within a single day, be willing to make sales calls one moment, research data online, creatively design videos, and build financial models.
  • Great on the phone; you can connect with anyone quickly.
  • Be a direct part of many ongoing and one-time projects with the team.
Tom talking with student

About Swift Kick:

If you Google “Swift Kick,” three results appear…

  1. 1980’s rock band making a comeback career.
  2. YouTube clips of people kicking each other “swiftly.”
  3. And us. For the past 15 years, our programs help organizations create a Culture of Connection™ where everyone feels welcomed, connected, and engaged within their community as a way to increase engagement and retention. While we’re based out of NYC, the team virtual, so it’s not required to live in the Big Apple.

What, you ask, would you be doing?

This is a unique opportunity for an ambitious, multi-talented individual who wants to work with a goal and system driven company. The ideal candidate is a self-starter that knows and loves helping people see the value in products they believe in through marketing and sales. We are a close team, so you’ll work directly with Tom, the Founder of Swift Kick, as well as everyone else on the team. 

Your friends should describe you as outgoing, driven, friendly, determined, reliable, ambitious, focused, and ready. This role is the perfect job to build a balanced life around as you’ll be working autonomously for big parts of the week… unless you mess it up, then you’re out :-).

Additional requirements include…

  • you are familiar with the business side of the professional speaking world.
  • you were an involved student leader and loved every moment of it in college
  • your personality shines, and you just can’t help it because you’re just that amazing, and people warm up to you quickly.
  • your three closest friends would describe you as consistent and reliable.
  • experience working with Google Drive, Excel, CapsuleCRM, Mailchimp, and Canva.
  • you have some movie editing skills.
  • you live and die by your calendar.
  • you naturally make friends and build deep relationships with people you meet. 
  • you’re ok changing your own flat-tire because you’re self-driven, determined, and an independent thinker even if you’ve never changed a tire before.
  • you focus on the job’s outcomes versus just sitting at a desk watching the hours go by.
  • oh, and your Bog Snorkeling skills are through the roof

An Offer You Can’t Refuse:

  • Health care benefits (including dental).
  • Fully paid quarterly strategy retreats around NYC like this one.
  • Direct daily interaction with Swift Kick’s Founder, Tom Krieglstein.
  • A weekly professional development mentorship meeting with Tom to set and check on personal and professional goals.
  • Joining a mission driven company changing lives.
  • An opportunity to have a long-term stable career within Swift Kick.
  • Immediate ability for your work to directly impact Swift Kick’s growth and direction as well as impacting thousands of lives!

Starting salary is based on experience, and the employee will also be a part of the company’s quarterly profit sharing pool.

Double-Dog Dare You To Apply:

Send your scratch-and-sniff or pop-up resume and cover letter to sk [at] swiftkickhq [dot] com.

The cover letter MUST include the following:

  • Describe why this job is calling out to you to apply.
  • What skills/talents will you bring to the Swift Kick team?
  • In what ways would you most love to grow from this job?
  • What is your ideal starting salary?




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