Professional Staff Development

Student Leadership Starts With The Staff

As part of our mission to help students reach higher levels of success, we know that helping the professional staff do the same is just as important. Through trainings and keynotes created for professionals, we help Student Affairs Professionals develop higher levels of motivation and proficiency. From keynotes at conferences such as ACUI, NASPA, and APCA, to on-campus trainings for the entire office on team building, vision setting, and strategic planning, we have the perfect training for your next event.

“Swift Kick custom created a training to match our campus issues. This is, by far, one of the best programs we’ve brought in. It really gave our department something to think about even after the program was over.”

Jennifer Skinner
Asst. Dir. Of Activities & Organizations
UNT – Dallas


How to Solve Student Apathy or How To Engage the Unengaged

Running Effective Meetings

Strategic Planning for Your Team

How To Communicate With Crappy People

Leveraging Social Media for Increased Student Engagement

The Art Of Cat Herding…How To Be A Great Org Advisor

Surviving the Dreaded Student Affairs Burnout Factor

“This interactive program provides innovative ways for engaging students and was exactly what our team needed.”

Dani Fry
Director of Student Life
Penn State Altoona

Who’s This For?

Our professional trainings are intended for Student Affairs Professionals working within an educational institution.

A typical pro dev conference keynote or department training should run between 45 minutes and 3 hours.

Check here if you are looking for a Student Leadership Training or Orientation Keynote.

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