New Student Orientation Keynote

Orientation Keynotes is an inspirational & energizing program for your students to get them excited about the idea of maximizing their college experience.

First Year Student To First Year Success

Voted 7x Time Speaker of the Year

The ones in the center of the dance floor have fun, meet people & dance! The same is true for college.

The more involved one is on campus, the more fun they’ll have, the more people they’ll meet, and the more college success they’ll have. In this highly engaging and funny training, students gain an immediate understanding and desire to get more involved on campus and take advantage of the amazing opportunities a school offers beyond the classroom.

Dust off your dance shoes and report to the dance floor!

“Students left the keynote feeling motivated and wanting to make a positive impact on the university.”

Lauren Braun
Director of New Student Programs
Umass – Boston

Photos from our Orientation Keynotes

Orientation Keynotes


Motivate students to get involved on campus beyond classroom work.

Reference the hero’s journey as a framework for personal development.

Understand the personal benefits of an engaged culture.

Develop skills to become a student leader.

Commit to specific goals for the year.

Dance and have fun :-).

“This program does a fantastic job of helping students move out of their comfort zone. It conveys a strong message about the power of getting involved.”

Susan Luchey
Associate Director of Student Centers
University of Delaware

Who’s This For?

A DFT Orientation Keynote is intended as an inspirational and energizing program for your New Student Orientation to get new students excited about the idea of maximizing their college experience by getting involved on campus beyond the classroom.

A DFT Orientation Keynote should run between 45-90 minutes. An additional 1-2 hours can be included if large group activities are needed.

If you are looking for a Student Leadership Program to help student leaders fight apathy on campus,
check here to see our version of DFT for Student Leaders.

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