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Leaders in Student Engagement


Our team works with passionate student affairs professionals and their students, who are discouraged by the lack of involvement on their campus. We facilitate the creation of a vibrant campus culture in which everyone feels welcome, connected and engaged from orientation to graduation.

School Programs, School Programs

DANCE FLOOR THEORY™️ LEADERSHIP PROGRAM go to link essay line follow solu medrol versus oral prednisone dissertation sample format click here genuine pfizer viagra online direct essays myth man's homework help center write research paper fast custom masters homework example does viagra and cialis work differently school office administrator resume samples click here how to be a better essay writer cheap homework editing for hire research paper bipolar disorder professional term paper writing services viagra drug buy custom written essays master thesis template word follow site prices of viagra, cialis, lavitra Just like on a dance floor, every school experiences varying levels of student engagement between those fully involved (student leaders) and those lurking on the edge (apathetic students).

The same tactics to create successful social change on a dance floor – connections, relevancy, models of success, and motivation – also work to increase engagement within any school. DFT provides student leaders a new model for creating community, increasing student engagement, and fostering a culture of retention.


Orientation Keynote

People in the center of a dance have all the fun, meet all the people & experience the best dancing. The same is true for school.

The more involved one is on campus, the more fun they’ll have, the more people they’ll meet, and the more dancing success they’ll have. In this highly engaging and fun keynote, students gain an immediate understanding and desire to get more involved on campus and take advantage of the opportunities a school offers beyond the classroom. Dust off your dance shoes & report to the dance floor!

Pro Staff Development

As part of our mission to help students reach higher levels of success, we know that helping the professional staff do the same is just as important.

Through programs created for professionals, we help Student Affairs Professionals develop higher levels of motivation and proficiency. From keynotes at conferences such as ACUI, NASPA, and APCA, to on-campus programs for the entire office on team building, vision setting, and strategic planning, we have the perfect programs for your next event.

Swift Kick - ED SESSIONS

Additional Ed Sessions

Need more than a keynote or Dance Floor Theory™️?

We have over 40 hours of additional leadership programs that cover everything from “Communicating with Crappy People” to “The Art of Cat Herding.” Our programs are a perfect supplement to our conference keynote, or as a stand alone program for you and your team.

Ready to Kick Your Culture Up A Notch?

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