It’s Giving Tuesday!

What is a better way to spend your day than giving back to your community? There is none! Every year for the past decade I have been participating in GivingTuesday. For those of you who don’t know, back in 2012 GivingTuesday was created as an idea: “a day that encourages people to do good”. Ever […]

Creating a Level-5 Team

My day began at 5 am to the sound of Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day; I had a nice hot cup of pumpkin spice latte and a lovely two-hour drive towards the Poconos. Though the early morning commute made me tired, that quickly changed once I walked into the room where we were doing […]

Design Our 2022 #FreeHugs Postcard!

Are you a creative person? Does your art dazzle, amaze, and inspire? Do you want the opportunity to have your original design travel across the world? We have an exciting opportunity for you! Here’s the rundown: Swift Kick loves free hugs, both virtual and in-person. We want to spread that love as far as it […]

Community Leadership Checklist

Getting ready to pack up and head to work can be stressful at times. I have forgotten my medicine, my laptop, important documents, a pen, MY COFFEE (big no-no) and several other things. If it wasn’t for my checklist I would probably forget my pants… Because of this, I decided to create a checklist for […]

Here’s Your Sign to Community Engagement

Last Monday, team Swift Kick had the amazing opportunity to learn American Sign Language (ASL) at our Q4 retreat! Tom, Jay, and Sami virtually met with two amazing humans – Matt and Martise. A little background: Matt and Martise met at Gallaudet University. Martise started signing to Matt, and Matt just nodded. He clearly did […]

How to Engage the Disengaged

I woke up excited today to head to a meeting with a group that I volunteer with. When I walked into the room, I noticed that every single person was either on their phone, had their chin resting on their hand in a bored position, or they were looking at the ceiling and avoiding eye […]

Creating a Community One Conference at a Time

The virtual room was packed with hungry minds. Even though we were all miles apart, you could feel the energy of the whole room buzzing. That’s why I love attending CMX conferences. They are filled with people who love building a Culture of Connection as much as I do… It is amazing how welcoming and […]

Scoring your way to #TeamHuman

It’s midnight and my phone rings. I’m confused when I see the number of somebody I have not spoken with in a long time. I answer, confused and half asleep, “Hello?” The response was in a distressed voice, “Sami, I broke my leg in a hockey game. I have no one. Is there any way […]

Combating Negativity in Your Community

If you’re like me, you have scrolled through your Instagram / Twitter / Facebook and probably have seen a lot of negative posts out there. Personally, I follow a few pages on social media just to see the funny memes/posts! But what I have noticed more recently is all the negativity within them. Yes, some […]

Lessons Learned Through Our New Thriving Community

Recently, I was introduced to the StartUp Podcast. Alex Blumberg decided to start a podcast series about what happens when someone who knows nothing about a business starts one. It’s very interesting to listen along to Alex’s journey on how he created his business; he discusses his thoughts and records his conversations during his journey […]