Finding Future Leaders Within Your People

Hold back the tears because, at some point, you will have to pass on the leadership role to someone else. In our world, we call these people Trending Leaders. But don’t worry; it’s easier than choosing what to watch on Netflix each night. The process of finding, picking, and training these people happens long before […]

Onboarding New Member

No one likes being the new kid. You don’t know the rules. You don’t know anyone. The group cliques are already made. Your broken glasses are taped up, and your hand-me-down farm overalls barely fit anymore. Oh, is that just me? Anyways…” Being new to a community is challenging. However, onboarding new members is critical […]

4 Questions Every Strategy Retreat Should Answer

You have an upcoming team strategy retreat but don’t have an agenda yet. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered! You want to make it valuable, worthwhile, and productive, but you’ve never run a strategy retreat. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered! Several years ago, I was elected to the board of the National Speakers Association […]

How to Delegate Work To Your Team

So you aspire to be a leader, huh? Well, the only way to achieve leadership is by guiding others to accomplish tasks. This means, at some point, you will need to delegate work to others. Great leaders are adept at delegation. Renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell once said, “If you want to do a […]

How to Achieve Perfect Team Alignment in Three Simple Steps

Teamwork makes the dream work! Can I see a show of hands, how many of you resonate with that phrase?  Only a few hands are going up. Some of you may be recalling your school days, cringing at the memory of group projects. Well, for better or worse, group projects are a part of our […]

Creating an Effective Onboarding Process for New Members in Your Organization

Keep burning your cash in the bonfire, or create a successful onboarding/orientation program for your new people and watch retention rates skyrocket. Considering the fact that 50% of all hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 120 days and what a student does within the first 90 days of entering college determines their behavior […]

Design Our 2024 #FreeHugs Postcard!

Are you a creative person? Does your art dazzle, amaze, and inspire? Do you want the opportunity to have your original design travel across the world? We have an exciting opportunity for you! Here’s the rundown: Swift Kick loves free hugs, both virtual and in-person. We want to spread that love as far as it […]

Four Ways To Make Sure Every Member Feels Included At Your Events

There were 100 people in the room, but I felt so alone. In NYC, I attended an EdTech meetup, a community dedicated to developing tech solutions in the education space. Education is a passion of mine, so I was eager to check out the group and establish some valuable connections. Unfortunately, my initial optimism quickly […]

Do You Actually Know The People In Your Community?

In the middle of nowhere Indiana, lies a Mecca of amazing food known as the Oy Vey Cafe.  As the name suggests, it’s a Jewish-run café, with all the food cooked by the family and inspired by their Jewish heritage. While the food itself is remarkable, this isn’t a food blog. So, I won’t focus […]

The Ryan Meetup Phenomenon: A Playbook for Crafting a Thriving Community

If your name is Ryan, then I’ve got the community for you. However, there are three essential guidelines you’ll need to meet before you can join their vibrant Meetup community: This group gathers monthly to socialize, united solely by the common thread of sharing the name Ryan. Their shared aversion to the name Bryan has […]

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