Running Effective Meetings (Recording)




A well run meeting is like a perfectly orchestrated line dance where individuals can add their own flair, but everyone is moving forward in the same direction. As the group leader, your challenge is to have the right outline and skills to create the perfect meeting. In this session, you’ll walk away with actionable tools to instantly start running effective daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly meetings with your group.

How To Use:

This recording is perfect for you to use during a weekly or quarterly meeting with your team. The program is very interactive which will allow you to pause the video and have discussions with your team as needed.


Melissa and Tom are the Lead Facilitators for Swift Kick. Through their work on training campus leaders on how to create a culture of connection, they’ve been awarded The Best Campus Speaker of the Year five times by schools nationwide. Their main leadership program, “Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training” helps campus leaders see and understand the challenges and opportunities of engagement on their campus in a new way. Swift Kick also authored six student affairs books including an award winning book “First Year Student to First Year Success.”


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