An Awfully Tone-Deaf Birthday Tradition

HAAAAaaaappppyyy BIIrrrRRRthDAYYYYYY toooOOO YOUUUUUUUuuuuuu. HAAAAaaaappppyyy BIIrrrRRRthDAYYYYYY toooOOO YOUUUUUUUuuuuuu. HAAAAaaaappppyyy BIIrrrRRRthDAYYYYYY DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEaaaaaaarrrrRRRRRR AHHHHlalalala CHRIIIsttttIIAAAANNNNN! HAAAAaaaappppyyy BIIrrrRRRthDAYYYYYY toooOOO YOUUUUUUUuuuuuu. Adults and toddlers, gathered around the dessert table in the dining room, screaming, gargling, laughing, chortling – all in the name of singing Happy Birthday to my brother.  We know the drill well – if it’s someone’s birthday, you MUST sing the song in […]

I Learned About Doors at the Swift Kick Company Retreat

No, we are not a carpentry company. But this past Quarterly Retreat on Monday (planned by myself and Melissa for the first time!), we learned a great lesson about closing doors. You see, we had planned an outdoor activity for the end of the day. We were really excited for it. Imagine our disappointment when […]

#WeirdCard – A Unique Team-Building Idea

Ever laugh so much during your work day that you have to stop and ask which teammate is the weirdest? Now, when I say weird, I mean the funny, eccentric, off the wall, silly comments, mannerisms, habits and facial expressions that make up each individual. We embrace the weird at Swift Kick. In fact, the […]

5 Songs That Will Inspire You to Talk to Strangers

Okay okay, I know. Not everyone wants to talk to strangers. You can feel free to interpret this list as ways to connect with your peers. We compiled 2 lists to get yourself into the perfect mood to hug the world: Songs that will open your heart to everyone Songs that will make you sing […]

5 “Blender Events” to Make this Leap Day Special

Don’t look now, but we all have an extra day this year! Because it’s a day we wouldn’t otherwise have had, it’s definitely a cause for celebration and for doing something special. Here are some blender events to make the most of today with your friends, peers, or coworkers. 1. Put up an “I will use this […]

QUIZ: What social media app represents your leadership style?

As a leader on your campus or in your community, you work daily to build the community and make it a great thing to be a part of. Each leader has a different way of bringing people together. It’s kind of like how all kinds of social media apps create communities in different ways…isn’t it? Take […]

Can I Quote You On That? – Introducing a Quotes Board to your Team

“Nobody ever calls me!” – Tom “Do you want me to call you sometimes?” – Sabina  “No, I’m good, I’ll talk to my cats.” – Tom Today it hit me that something we do over at Swift Kick HQ is a GREAT team building activity that we should share with the world. Throughout the week, […]

5 Simple Activities You Can Do With Your Family Over the Holiday Break

If you’re anything like me, you take your student leader personality all the way home for the holidays. Your parents might begrudgingly oblige your insistence on icebreakers, but you know that if they just try, that long car ride or dinner will be that much better. Here are a few ideas that won’t make your little […]

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